Will Jutsum

I'm a user-experience focused developer who has been creating for the web for over 15 years, and I'm currently looking for the next path on this adventure. I am passionate about building great teams to build great products, focused on robust code, testing and performance.

I also enjoy cricket and board games, plus I co-host a podcast.

I've built, led and/or been part of teams that have delivered work for the likes of:

I've also helped launch a successful start-up, and worked on too many unreleased side projects.

My Work Principles

Stick to your process (but refine when required)

Without a map to follow, even the best team will have trouble reaching their destination. Defining your roadmap and planning your development pipeline will not only make for a smoother project, but make for a happier team.

Hack when necessary

Know when it's time to reach for the cowboy hat! Rapid prototyping helps to validate your ideas, better communicate your intentions to stakeholders, and mitigate risk down the road. It can also form the basis of early user testing.

Test (all the things)

Testing is at the foundation of delivering a stable & robust codebase. However there is not a one size fits all approach to testing. Understand the project to see what testing strategy will work best.

Listen to your team

Being mindful and empathic of your team. Make them comfortable to bring their ideas to the table, whatever role or level they may be at. Use this insight to refine your process.

Have fun

A happy team is a productive team.

Current Side Project

View the beta version here.

Find Me a Board Game

Before embarking on a larger project I needed something small to test out my proposed tech stack. My intention was to define my MVP early (and stick to it) then develop rapidly. The project is powered by:

Google Cloud Run

Quick deployments and low cost entry.


Rest in Peace REST


Postgraphile is the kind of project that gets me excited. Minimum effort for maximum results!


"The" React Framework


Awesome components out of the box.

Would you like know more?

You can contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn.